The army of Tie Yun poured in like a tide, and the people from Butian Pavilion and the two shadow masters cooperated with the army to hunt down the remaining 2,000 masters from the Golden Horse Knights Hall, but none of these 2,000 people are mediocre In a short while, although five or six hundred people were killed and thirty or forty people were arrested, the others had escaped without a trace. As for the culprit, Jing Menghun, he was the first to escape and had already fled far away. Chu Yang was lying unconscious in Tie Butian’s arms. Tie Butian could only feel that although Chu Yang was unconscious and unconscious, his body was getting hotter and hotter, like a furnace. When the two shadows returned, their gazes were slightly dodged. Seeing the return of the two shadow premier league masters, as if seeing a savior, he hurriedly asked betting: “Two uncles, look… what’s wrong with him?” The prisoner knew something from his mouth. Looking at Chu Yang’s appearance now, he probably guessed it with his knees. He couldn’t help but sighed and said, “I’m afraid this person…is hopeless.” “Is there a hopelessness?” Tie Butian seemed to be hit by five thunders, his body swayed, his eyes darkened, and he asked: “He is still breathing, and his pulse is still strong, how can he be hopeless?” “He has been poisoned.” Shadow said, sighed Voice: “And there is no cure for this Pragmatic Play poison.” “There is no cure.” Tie Butian suddenly faltered, and asked weakly, “What kind of poison is so overbearing… unexpectedly… unexpectedly…Betway” Jiao’s spring poison, here is a barren mountain, and there are no soldiers in the army, it is difficult to find a village girl here…” One of the shadows said this, and suddenly stopped talking, grinning. but another shadow

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