“” Marvin was certainly interested in Nature’s Leaf. He has not forgotten one of the goals of this trip to the highest jungle. It’s just that his thoughts were spoken directly from the old tree’s mouth, and he still felt a little uncomfortable. The shrewdness of the old tree man made people uncomfortable. Marvin squinted his eyes: “What do I need to pay?” He didn’t believe that this group of old-fashioned druids would give up the leaves of nature to him because of this face problem. The other party must be asking for something. Sure enough, the old tree man said softly: “Mr. Marvin, I see some aura of the ancient god of nature from Betking in you…Of course, you have learned a lot, so you may not care about these skills very much. But the leaf of nature, is It is the most formal and powerful way for rangers to learn spells and increase their abilities. I think you also understand this.” “The withering of the world tree is not only related to Feinan, it is related to the safety of the entire multi-parimatch universe of Paripesa, I believe With your knowledge, you should be able to see this.” “Of course, it is our responsibility to protect the world tree, not yours. But if you are willing to give us some help, we are happy to pay some rewards.” Ma Wen said without hesitation: “I need to know what the so-called help is! real madrid.” The old tree man slowly spit out a word: “Blood BGaming color wilderness.” Marvin turned his head and left immediately: “No livescore door!” Joke! Natural leaves are precious, but places like Scarlet Wasteland are extremely dangerous. At this time, Marvin doesn’t need to risk his life! Where is the Scarlet Wasteland? It was a horrible and bloody battlefield. It is a twisted plane where creatures from all over the multiverse live

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