What the author of this chapter said: Vote with votes, and click the link of the book page if you have no votes, so as to increase the number of clicks on “The Nine Heavens of Proudness”! Let flashscore let’s dance together in the sky, proud of the world, let’s read this gorgeous article rumble together! Surebet247: Link to this chapter: [Computer user man city access] Aoshi total serial address (including address of nearly twenty chapters and e-book address): “Huh?” Sun Fuhu was stunned for a while. “King Chu Yan was seriously injured and his internal organs were shattered… Did you see it with your own eyes?” Wang Tenglong followed closely and asked, his eyes even more cold. “Subordinate… I have never seen this subordinate before.” real madrid replied loudly, puffing up his chest. “I haven’t seen… How can you say that he was seriously injured?” Wang Tenglong’s eyes were serious. “Sportybet this…” Sun Fuhu was a little embarrassed, the news that the Golden Horse Knights Hall announced to the world, passed through BGaming with a little cold light! issue! More than dozens of people couldn’t dodge in time, screaming, their bodies were spun out and thrown out, and the blood on their bodies flew in the air in circles. At the moment when Chu Yang rushed past Bet9ja, each of his complete bodies turned into sacks of tatters, torn apart! Chu Yang’s body kept stopping, rushing forward like a whirlwind. His face was cold and cruel, and there was no mercy in his eyes. The sword spirit in his mind smiled slightly, and murmured to himself: “This time, a little bit of cold light… Finally, it looks like the real little bit of cold light!”…” Killed by this sword At the same time as there were many soldiers, Chu Yang only felt a slight tremor in the palm of his hand, and strands of hot air flowed through his palm along his body.

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