“Don’t worry, Mr. Xiang… I will be smashed to pieces… He wants to level the world for Mr. Xiang!… All the generals shouted together.” Please, gentlemen, for me…for rumble Da Zhao, for officials Elders at home… Take care of yourself! “Wu Wuqingrou looked solemn, hugged Ji… and gave a deep bow. “Master Xiang~~~” Someone couldn’t help but choked up his voice. He suddenly felt that even if he died immediately for the sake of Master Wu, that would be No more complaints…”Without these, you need to pay more. “Fifth Qingrou said solemnly: “Are you sure? Are you prepared?” “Master! We are sure! We must be prepared!” Everyone shouted together: “As a soldier, I have been ready to lie on the battlefield at any time On 22Bet! The horse leather shroud of a boy in the army… is the best destination in this life! “”good! … Fifth Qingrou’s deep and dignified gaze… with a trace of strong reluctance, and that kind of deep emotion that cannot be explained, looked over the faces of everyone present. The others are so careful… so affectionate, but flashscore is so persistent and decisive! Everyone had a feeling at the same time: On the morning before his first expedition, his elderly father stood at the door of the Slot Games, and it was a Pragmatic play like Mozzartbet staring at him, full of reluctance, full of love… vaguely remember, The breeze in the willows back then, the sand and dust on the ancient road back then… Now, the breeze is still shining, the willows are still whirling, the sand and dust on the ancient road are still flying, and from time to time they float into Liren’s eyes, turning into sour tears… But, the old man with white hair Father…but where is he? The gaze of Wuwuqingrou 1xBet aroused what was buried deep in the heart, that attribute

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