The Temporary Headquarters of the Golden Horse Knights Hall: In the Yinfao room. Yin Wutian was sitting on a small bench with his head covered in bandages. He took a basin of water and washed his brother’s feet. The hot water was steaming hot. After washing carefully, wipe it off with a clean towel, then hold up Yinfa’s feet, put them gently on the bed, and then start to massage Yinfa’s lower body from top to bottom. “Forget it, don’t need to bother.” Yin couldn’t close his eyes and said with a lost heart: “I can feel that the mouth is useless. Although the muscles on the outside are not abnormal, the meridians inside have been necrotic.” Yin Wutian didn’t answer, just a silent exercise, dredging his brother’s blood vessels. “The person who hurt you… we can’t afford to offend him?” Yin couldn’t suddenly open his eyes, look at Yin Wutian’s face, and asked gloomyly. Yin Wutian remained silent. Yin couldn’t help but sighed, and murmured: “Have you visited Leap Kong Er Ge today?” “I have.” Yin Wutian took a breath, and said hoarsely: “Second Brother should be very comfortable and comfortable now. Happy.” “Hehe…” Yin couldn’t laugh miserably, and said leisurely: “Kong is sad, this bastard, he is relieved, close his eyes and don’t care about anything, hehe…” He looked at the person not far in front of him in a daze. The wall, for a long time, said in a low voice: “We will meet in the underground in the future, I must have a good fight with him… He fought his life in the Premier League and saved a disabled Betting like me… Hehe, the last sentence The words turned out to be…” He stopped talking in a daze, and it seemed that Kong’s sad and tragic roar sounded in his ears again: “Don’t let me die!” It seemed that he saw Kong again.

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