“Yes!” Wu Qianqian’s heart was shaken. Tie Butian’s words contained the tragic atmosphere of fighting to the death, even a person who could not read at all would probably feel that it was chalky and chalky! Do not hesitate to fight! Fight to the death! I would rather burn jade and stone together than live by stealth! “Don’t worry about anything. (Fantasy Fiction)” Tie Butian seemed to see through Liverpool Wu Qianqian’s worry, and said, “Tie Yun is very big, and real madrid has a lot of talents. If we win, we will have time to slowly sort out the mess. , Slowly promote talents, slowly and methodically recover…without worrying that someone will obstruct it. Online Casino, we have enough time for a lifetime.” “But if we lose”…these don’t need us to worry about. “Tie Butian smiled strangely, and said: “That is to make Wu Qingrou a headache. “So that’s how it is! Wu Qianqian came to her senses in horror. The decision of Tie Paripesa made up the sky, thinking of victory, but also thinking of defeat. The people are full of blind obedience; but even if it is blind obedience, there must be a person with sufficient status Stand up and call for…” or BetWinner for the warriors, or for the subjugated slaves! Everyone needs someone to stand up and lead… Let me give you an example that everyone understands: Just as a party member can develop a base area; but a traitor can also establish a puppet government. In ancient times, in the middle of today’s world, in other worlds, Slot Games continent, everything is like this! Nothing more than that! But Tie Butian’s move seemed vicious, but it actually cut off the possibility that Wu Qingrou could rule the entire Tie Yun in the shortest time in case of failure! The traitors at the top betting are all dead, and the rest are only traitors, and the casino slot is nothing more than leading a village

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