Previous post: Next post: Dong Wushang followed. And Dong Erye came to shock Endorphina! Second Lord Dong came with the brigade. The Dong family’s expedition to the Canglan War Zone is a total of 2,400 people, and all of them are masters! Dong Wushang was riding on a huge thousand-mile ox, staggering. He also wanted to ride a horse. After all, riding a horse was more chic than riding a bull. Even though this cow is a spirit beast…but a cow is a cow! It is not as smooth as the horse’s lines and looks good. But helplessly, Dong Wushang’s saber was too heavy. Adding other miscellaneous tools, special soft armor and Dong Erye’s burly body, it’s more than a thousand catties! What horse can hump so much weight? So the 2,400 members of the Dong family all rode tall horses, roulettes, and only Dong Erye rushed to the front on a tall horse. Dong’s family is in the east of Mo’s family, and the two families are separated by more than a thousand miles. They are going to the Canglan war zone, just on the way. Naturally, it was a coincidence that the road was not going to the door of the Mo family. It was Dong Erye’s strong request; the brigade changed its direction and came in great numbers. Dong Wulei, the team leader, actually didn’t want to change direction, because such a change would take at least two and a half more days of walking! This is too much work for real madrid. But the most helpless thing and the most embarrassing thing for Dong Dashao is: he can no longer beat Dong Wushang… Dong Wushang redly threatened his Betking elder brother: If he doesn’t want to be in the livescore of these two thousand four hundred people If you are ugly in front of me and get beaten up by me, then change the route. After Dong Dashao scolded the street for a long time, he had no choice but to change it here

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