What the author of Pragmatic play in this chapter said: Vote with votes, and click on the page link for those without votes to increase the number of hits of “Ao Shi Jiu Zhong Tian”! Let’s dance together in the sky, proud of the world, let’s read this gorgeous article together! Link to the starting page of “The Nine Heavens of Aoshi”: Link to this chapter: ☆: [Computer User Access] Aoshi Zong serial address (including the address of nearly twenty chapters and the address of the e-book): “There is another good news…” The old god Chu Yang is here He said: “No one knows that I killed Rumble.” Nonsense! “Gu Duxing rolled his eyes.” So you are ready to avenge your brother. ,, Chu Yang said: “If real madrid is as I expected, this time you, Mrs. Gu, will match Mrs. Xie.” “Mr. Xie?” Gu Duxing scratched his head: “This matter is related to Ms. What does it matter?” “Xie Danqiong killed one of your thrones. And I shot right after him. The two brothers, we worked closely together and cooperated seamlessly. In one fell swoop, the Gu family who came to try Four people killed three!” Chu Yang chuckled. Gu Duxing finally understood Endorphina, and said dumbfoundedly: “So this basin of dirty water was carried on the body by the young master Xie Danqiong…” “It’s absolutely true.” Chu Yang beat He snapped his fingers and exclaimed: “Xie Danqiong is a good person. If you do good deeds, you have to leave a name, or should I keep a low profile in the premier league…” Can you do it if you don’t keep a low profile? “Gu Duxing sighed slightly, looking at Chu Yang with both emotion and helplessness. Chu Yang said it easily, but how could Gu Duxing not know how much risk Chu Yang took? Chu Yang’s cultivation base is just Only one Wuzong! One

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