“Don’t dare, it’s Ping Chufei; this is my elder brother Chu Nan.” Chu Yang smiled warmly. Gu Duxing, the ‘Chu Nan livescore’, gave him a fierce look, and shouted, “Shut up!” But Ao Xieyun and the others had a smile in their eyes: Chu Nan? Male in real madrid? Well, this name is really… meaningful, it makes people daydream. “Dare to ask your names?” Chu Yang smiled shyly, and said with some youthful innocence: Leap “Our brothers like to make friends the most.” “I’m next to Mo Tianyun.” Mo Tianyun smiled, Judging from his expression, no one could see that he was still encouraging everyone to deal with these two people just now, but he said it himself: “I am ashamed to say that I was still worried just now, the two sons The pros and cons of coming here, hehe, now that a real person appears, it makes me feel a little bit like a villain.” “Oh?” Chu Yang looked at him with a smile, showing appreciation in his expression: “Mr. To be honest, I like this kind of person.” Mo Tianyun smiled softly, but his expression seemed to be sincere, and said: “In Jianghu, there are some things that I always think more about. Over time, I have cultivated such a person. One problem…Don’t make fun of Mr. Chu.” “Where!” Chu Yang said sincerely: “My father taught countless times that being cautious is the way to save life in the rivers and lakes. Brother Mo is not only cautious, but also frank. Zhencheng Forebet is really a rare, good friend.” Mo Tianyun, Ao Xieyun and the others felt a little stunned at the same time. No one is sure how long this Mr. Chu has been listening outside, but he is sure of Betway if he has Liverpool;

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