Author: Feng Lingtianxia) If you want to defeat Mo Tianyun, this is not difficult to do. “Gu Duxing thought about it carefully, and said: “But if you want to kill Mo Tianyun… I’m afraid, with the strength of the six of us, Bet9ja will never be able to do it!” “”good. “Dong Wushang nodded heavily.” Oh? Mo Tianyun is so powerful? A sharp light flashed in Chu Yang’s eyes. “It’s really powerful!” “Gu Duxing Mozzatbet nodded: “Since a year ago, the Mo family has been in charge of everything externally, basically by BetWinner Mo Tianyun. Moreover, Sportybet, the Mo family’s industry, no matter what aspect of Betting, has continued to expand and expand with legitimate means during this year! “In this, it is Mo Tianyun’s credit.” “Gu Duxing sighed: “Mo Tianyun, Mo Tianji, the two brothers are known as the two heroes of ingenuity in Zhongtian. Mo Tianji is wisdom, and Mo Tianyun is conspiracy; Will follow his way.  … “”Yes, according to Mo Tianyun’s scheming, if he really controls the Mo family, Slot Games will be a great threat to the surrounding big families! Therefore, many people did not want Mo Tianyun to live, but Mo Tianyun still lived very well. “Dong Wushang said. “The two brothers of the Mo family are fighting for power and profit, and they are dissatisfied with each other. This has long been known in the middle three days; everyone has seen the strength of Mo Tianji’s nairabet, and we feel ashamed. “Ji Mo frowned: “But Mo Tianyun was able to suppress Mo Tianji for several years, and, until now, although Mo Tianji has improved, he is still suppressed miserably; He is a few years older than Mo Tianji, but this is enough to show that,

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