After the two sides of “” reached an agreement, it flew up automatically, and a faint yellow light radiated from the thin page. The light paripesa shrouded the Destroyer, and the latter’s movements stopped immediately. As if time stood still. The Book of Naaru really has the effect of confusing La Liga’s hearts, even the ancient Destroyer. Marvin didn’t dare to delay, and immediately rushed to a few books that Parimatch had to collect. It must be obtained, and Ma Wen had already memorized the location before, so he went there soon. As for the other page of the Book of Naaru, because there is mutual induction between the Books of Naaru, it didn’t take much time for Marvin to find another page of the Book of Naaru. He took a cursory look, and found that this page of Naaru’s book was actually the last page of Naaru’s book, which was the eleventh page. Its name is reincarnation. Reincarnation is sealed in a piece of time amber. If it weren’t for the mutual induction between the books of Naaru, no one would have noticed that there is such a page of artifact in this pale yellow time amber. After these two pokers are done, you have time to go to flashscore to find the scroll of wisdom. Fortunately, it took a lot of energy for Naaru to control the Destroyer, and he seemed to have no time to pay attention to Marvin’s actions. This made Marvin a lot easier. After all, in the next time, he must quickly find the Book of Wisdom that can suppress the Book of Naaru in his mouth. A minute later, Marvin appeared on the edge of the lake. Quickly take the current breathing potion and dive to the bottom of the lake. The structure of the bottom of the lake is also very ingenious. Ancient books are wrapped in special shells, and the faint Endorphina bubbles prevent these books from being eroded by liquid. It is not easy to find betting to find the volume of wisdom, Marvin worked hard to open the sense

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