The world-defying Jiuzhong Tiankong was so sad that he never dreamed that his plan to lure the snake out of the hole would be achieved in such a form! Just as he was waiting for himself to be pissed off, Leap suddenly saw his biggest target, wearing a mask, Shi Shiran walked over from the opposite side. Strutting with his head held high, full of a kind of BetWinner’s domineering arrogance! That gloomy black robe, that ferocious mask, that kind of temperament unique to a superior… King Kong’s eyes were moist. God has eyes! At the moment when he saw ‘Chu Yan Wang 1, King Kong’s whole body tensed up, and even his own heartbeat was out of rhythm with excitement at this moment. Kong Wangzuo took a light and deep breath, and then slowly relaxed, narrowing his eyes to the maximum, hiding all the fluctuations in his own vitality. When he slowly opened his eyes again, his whole body 1 had fallen into absolute silence! Heartbeat NetEnt, static; pulse, static. Breathe, be still. Even Slot Games, even the metabolism of Spinmatic’s sweat pores, stopped at this moment! All the tops are surebet247 silent! In Kong Wangzuo’s eyes, as his pupils slowly contracted, the world suddenly disappeared, leaving only the man in the black robe mask walking this way from afar! Even, every step that person walked, the toes seemed to be stepping on his heart! There are still three feet! Kong Sadhan didn’t move his whole body, but without a sound, he moved his center of gravity forward completely, retaining only the strength of his two legs, allowing him to jump out! Ten feet in front of Butian Pavilion! It’s a matter of life and death! (Benge is a good bet game guy) This distance is rumble, even if Chu Yanwang is like

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