Kong, who had been afraid of being sad all his life, felt sad at this moment. When he had nowhere to go and was hunted down by people for three days without a place to stay, it was Yin Wu and Yin Wutian who helped him, so his feelings for them were particularly deep. Not only brothers and sisters, but also benefactors! At this moment, seeing Yin Wu in such a miserable state, Jian Xi felt very emotional, and felt that her heart was trembling. After he was hunted down, his personality changed drastically, from the original flying and jumping to a mature and steady one, planning everything before doing anything. Never do anything you are not sure about. Everything is about safety and self-protection; such a cautious character allowed him to walk steadily step by step until he took the throne of the Golden Horse Knights Hall! But at the moment when he saw Yin Wu, he suddenly felt that the tyrannical and lawless factor in his blood boiled again. This hatred, this hatred, is irreconcilable! “Hey…, uh” Yin Wu’s pupils were wide open, looking at his second la liga brother, the pupils had already spread a little, and he wanted to say something, but he couldn’t say anything. “Don’t worry, Xiangye asked me to bring you a spiritual Jade ginseng. I will feed you Premier League immediately! “Kong went out sadly and hurriedly. At this moment, he was extremely lucky. Fortunately, he took a step ahead with his people. Seeing the third younger brother Yin like this, if he walked with that slow-moving Cheng Yunhe, I’m afraid that at this time…, it’s already unimaginable. When Slot Games heard the word “Lingyu Ginseng”, Yin Wu, who was already exhausted, was refreshed, and there was a glimmer of hope in Wushen’s eyes After a long while, Yin Wu’s pale face appeared

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