Chu Yang has been thinking about it ever since he came here. Cheng Ziang’s answer added to his doubts. Watermelon seeds? It shouldn’t be…Looking at the complicated terrain, Chu Yang couldn’t help but ask himself: If I were the heart saint of Tang Bing, what would I do? How to hide? Taking this as a starting point, Chu Yang changed himself to Tang Xinsheng’s perspective in Endorphina, and slowly expanded… The situation is not obvious yet, Butian Pavilion has not yet started to attack me, I just plan ahead; hide for a while and see the reaction Msports , if it’s not good, I’ll leave immediately, if it’s okay, I’ll come back and tell the outside world that I went to visit friends… Well, this should be Tang Xinroulette’s mentality. Then, Tang Xinsheng is nearby, maybe he is still paying attention to the movement of the Tang residence. forebetSurebet247 And the roads here extend in all directions, I want to pay attention to the movements of all aspects of the Tang Mansion… Which position will I choose for poker? Chu Yang thought about it. In order to deceive others, Cheng Ziang didn’t choose the best position; one must know that the best position is often the best position to be monitored, and people will be watching; on the contrary, it is the last position! Since Cheng Ziang wouldn’t choose, then with Tang Xinsheng’s wisdom, he wouldn’t choose either. Then, choose a lower position. And what Ziang now occupies is this slightly inferior position. Chu Yang glanced indifferently, and found a few locations that were most suitable for monitoring Tang NetEnt’s mansion in the vicinity. Since the first two positions are not acceptable, then the third position is… Chu Yang looked at the two old men who were playing chess under the tree. Both of them are gray-haired, and they look like they are in their sixties, with wrinkled faces and betting. Both of them were focusing on the chessboard, concentrating on it. Among them

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