All in all, the appearance of this dark night challenger set off a very lively storm among the warriors of Iron Cloud City. At the beginning, there were some people who were perfunctory, but after those perfunctory people were perfunctory, the challengers from the dark night never came to the door… So, I became a “weak person” instead. Wherever the roulette goes, there are a group of people pointing at NetEnt: Look, it’s him, he usually brags so much about himself in bet games, but in the end he fought against the Dark Night Challenger, and he didn’t go…so someone Just to make fun of it: Why don’t you go there for Xiami? Because Mozzartbet is not qualified for Gagaheio, so it turns out, Mosai suddenly realized, brother is a great talent. I really thought he was awesome at first…Wow, hahahaha…so…so embarrassing. The lessons learned from the past are the first, how can the latecomers not cheer up? One more day counts as one day. Playing for one more day… just to increase his popularity for one day… When Chu Yang turned around a few times and returned to the street, he was already a pale boy with disheveled hair and a flashscore on the left side of his face There was actually a mole, and a scar on the right cheek somehow. It looks very ugly. Just like that, Chu Yang swaggered forward, rushing forward to his goal today. Someone in the crowd on the side of the road yelled as if suddenly discovering the new land: “Oh! Look, Dark Night Challenger wow…” “Where is it at Spinmatic?” “Isn’t that?” “Hurry up, hurry up! Go up.” “Looks like this direction is still going to the Meteor Martial Arts Hall yesterday? Could it be that the Meteor Martial Arts Hall has persisted in Liverpool yesterday?” “Well, it’s possible.” “Hey… it’s opened, I bet

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