Marvin baccarat turned around suddenly, but saw that the open space behind Endorphina was empty. That weird voice seemed to come out of Parimatch out of thin air. “Who?” He asked loudly, his hands already on the scimitar. His eyes were full of vigilance. When I spoke to the Champions League side just now, I didn’t feel it at all. But then there was silence. That voice never appeared again. Marvin checked the data panel carefully, and found that there was no check for illusion. That voice exists objectively, and Mozzartbet is just a little weird. Ma Wen snorted coldly, didn’t care so much at the moment, and went directly into the logging forest. He wasn’t as timid as Betting, he wouldn’t dare to go into the forest after being frightened. In the forest, it was dark. Compared with the forest of Chiba, the trees in the logging forest appear taller. But unlike the gloomy and vibrant feeling of the forest where the elves live, the trees in the entire logging forest look tall and deformed. The wrinkled bark is like the faces of old people, strange and indifferent, making people look extremely uncomfortable. I don’t know how those loggers work in such an environment. Marvin knew nothing about the forest. In fact, Logging Forest ranks on the same level as Leap in the danger rating of many intelligence agencies, and even one level higher than Dead Zone. So he was still very cautious. At first, he went up the river. There are many abandoned lumberyards on both sides of the river. After all, this is a place where lumberjacks often work, so there is no danger. Otherwise, those ordinary humans would not be able to survive here for a long time. only

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