This fellow affiliate gave Chu Yang his thumbs up: “Your Majesty, you are really good! Even I, the undercover agent in the Premier League, only Liverpool knows the identity of one person, and you actually picked out all of them, which is even more outrageous.” Is it Betting, or did you find out all Betways just by looking at the information; I am convinced by your vision alone!” “Oh?” Chu Yang closed the file and waved his hand. Lift your eyes and look at the man. This time, without waiting for others to do anything, Chen Yutong personally took the file back. In just one day, Chu Yang established absolute authority over Endorphina! Among other things, the existence of these traitors is completely capable of burying all these people, and as long as they don’t make any major mistakes, they can continue to undercover. Chu Yang saved the lives of all of them, and more than once! Regardless of whether Chu Yang is young or not, and regardless of how well Chu Yang has cultivated his skills, this vision alone can be said to be unmatched in the world! Chu Yang didn’t even move a finger, nor did he show off his martial strength, but he completely convinced this group of rebellious Butian Pavilion members! “Are you also a traitor? Admit it yourself? Well, it will save me trouble.” Chu Yang smiled and said, “Slot Games or, can you tell me something?” The Betway man smiled and said, “Those people in front You didn’t even ask, and since I stood up by myself, you shouldn’t ask.” Chu Yang nodded understandingly, and when he saw this person stand up calmly, he didn’t give any hope. This person is clearly prepared to die, so he can be so calm. Chu Yang tapped the table lightly with his fingers, and said slowly: “I understand. You people, except Wu Qingrou’s loyalists

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