On the plaque facing the street, the three golden characters of “Tianbinge” are shining brightly in the sun, directly reflecting half of the Pragmatic play avenue in gold. Dazzling. The left and right couplets are also directly made of silver and gold lacquer. The entire facade is filled with the face of an upstart. As soon as people walk here, they will immediately feel a smell of copper coming to their faces. Shanglian: Cutting iron like mud is not a dream, it will open your eyes! The second couplet: I have the magic weapon, I want to come quickly! Hengpi: Impatient to wait! Then leaning against the door is a notice board: Tianbing Pavilion, open to money, don’t come in if there is less gold and silver. Only ten thousand taels of silver is the starting point, one million gold is not considered rich, if you take out the genius treasure, you will be satisfied just by entering the door. Not only the nouveau riche, but he doesn’t look very educated. From the house number to the couplet, they are all tacky champions league. Even the words Online Casino are crooked and full of evil spirits. 22Bet is like using the tail of a mouse dipped in ink, then pouring a bowl of wine into the mouse’s mouth, and dragging its tail after getting drunk. Then Boss Chu sat upright, waiting for the fat sheep to come to the affiliate door. This is called Jiang Taigong fishing, and those who wish to take the bait. (Of course, Chu Yang doesn’t know this allusion, but there is a handsome, handsome, talented, well-educated, well-educated and romantic MM who knows about it.) It has to be said that Chu Yang was exhausted after coming here for several days and nights. Not light, but also excited Mozzartbet not lightly. This taste of getting something for nothing is so wonderful. Hey, no wonder so many people want to be thieves. Stretch out your hand and ask for gold, gold, silver, silver, it is so comfortable. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, well, it makes sense. Back then they were rich in casino slots

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