As Shi Qianshan’s master, Meng Chaoran, how could he not take a look at this kind of thing? But now, he is full of disappointment. Meng Chaoran has always had a principle to teach his apprentices: to do their own things. I can help you if you can’t do it, but you can’t do it. This is Meng Chaoran’s principle livescore. Today, if Shi Qianshan has a bit of backbone, and Endorphina has a bit of manly blood, if he can really fight with each other and compete. Meng Chaoran will also stand up immediately to stand up for his younger brother. Meng Chaoran could even hit the second senior brother’s door directly. Your son needs to find a place for being beaten. Does it mean that my apprentice was beaten for nothing? Meng Chaoran was ready. But seeing that Shi Qianshan was so slippery, in order to save his life, he would rather be beaten than rise up and resist! So bloodless, so what if he is deeply scheming? If one day a strong enemy strikes, wouldn’t he bend his knees and surrender to the enemy? There is a limit to bearing the burden of humiliation! I can stand up for you, but you must have the value to let me stand up for you. I can protect you for a while, but I can’t protect you forever. Everything, you still need to go out and take care of yourself! This is the method and philosophy of Meng Chaoran teaching his apprentices. Although he is ruthless, it is suitable for this… world! Bloody, courage! Although these two things are often said to be the way to death for a youthful young man, it can never be denied that without these two qualities, it is impossible for a player to become a strong online casino player for ten thousand years! Although blood and courage are lacking, they are indispensable conditions for becoming a generation of powerhouses! For Shi Qianshan, a disciple, Meng Chaoran suddenly felt extremely disappointed. Simply ignore rumble… In the purple bamboo forest, with

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