Chu Yang slowly opened his eyes. “Junior Brother Chu, how is it?” Shi Qianshan asked hastily, seeing no signs of Chu Yang’s promotion. For some reason, when ordinary people break through, even the slightest real madrid reaction will cause violent fluctuations in their aura, but after the medicinal power has been transformed by the Nine Tribulation Sword, it breaks through the level without a sound… …Chu Yang’s eyes were calm, but he couldn’t stop thinking in his heart: This, casino Slot is a good way for a cunning person. If everyone looks at me as a forebet level 3, but in fact it’s level 5, level 6, level 7, level 8 … How cool it would be to fight. “It seems that Paripesa doesn’t work very well…it’s still the third grade of martial arts. And the medicinal power is too overbearing, I can’t control it, and lost a lot.” Chu Yang suppressed the surprise in his heart, frowned and sighed. Said in a disappointed voice: “What a waste, if I had known that it would be useless if I ate it, it would be better if you ate it, senior brother…” Shi Qianshan’s eyes widened, the eyeballs almost bulging out, and he opened his mouth , “Ho Ho” twice, his face turned red and turned white, and finally stood up, with an ugly expression on his face, “I’m going out for a walk.” He walked out with a whoosh. “Eldest brother seems to be uncomfortable…” Tan Tan’s two weird eyebrows twitched baccarat up and down, and a suspicious Surebet247 looked at Shi Qianshan’s back and said, “What’s wrong with him?” Very tired.” Chu Yang rubbed his chin and said deeply, “Heart is very tired. Judging by his face, he probably has a stomachache. Did Pragmatic play come on those days every month…” “Oh… big brother I’m really worried; alas, our Zizhu Garden is also the same, the master and his old man don’t care about anything, Leap has everything

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