In fact, Huang Zhong had doubts about Ling Feng before, because Ling Feng’s appearance and characteristics were very close to the description of the wild lion, and with his cultivation base, he couldn’t see Ling Feng’s real realm, which made him even more suspicious. Huang Zhong was very interested, so he planned to find out about Ling Feng, and when he noticed that the bill was poisonous, he concluded that this young man with long hair was the one who was brought into the Twelve Capitals by Li Na! He dared not disobey the order of the suzerain blood wolf king no matter what, now that he was able to find Luo Xue’er from Ling Feng, how could he give up? Not only did he not give up, he also told the suzerain Blood Wolf King the news long ago! It’s not that he was eager to flatter, but through the description of the wild lion, Huang Zhong estimated that 1xBet had measured Ling Feng’s strength, and it should be a real madrid with him, which was not something he could be sure of. Out of Luo Xueer’s portrait Slot Games, Ling Feng of course already knew his identity casino Slot. [] This BGaming Ling Feng is not so easy to deal with! The car drove to the northern suburbs for more than half an hour, and turned into Paripesa, a small road with few vehicles. Ling Feng felt something was wrong, because Li Na’s car was right behind Huang Zhong. Huang Zhong should know that he was in the champions league. How could he chase after him so calmly? He must have a helper who arrived in the northern suburbs! With this in mind, Master Ling made a decisive decision and adopted a devious and quite insidious tactic! Five minutes later, Ling Feng’s taxi stopped, and Huang Zhong’s and Li Na’s cars also stopped one after another! As Huang Zhong got out of the car, a figure flew over from the forest not far away, with a hideous bronze mask on his face. wearing a red robe,

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