· Li Na called Shangfeng, but to her surprise, no one answered. Presumably Shangfeng was in secret cultivation and had no time to answer the phone. After hanging up the phone, Li Na frowned slightly, and she was no longer as calm and breezy as before, with a charming and friendly smile on her face. Ling Feng definitely wouldn’t just let it go, she could tell from Ling Feng’s eyes that those clear and quiet eyes, but so deep and elusive, lingered in her mind, maybe it was those eyes that looked like Li Na’s heart skipped a beat when her eyes were as clear and peaceful as the night. Those eyes are really charming! I started to cranky again! No, I will kill this kid today, otherwise he will definitely destroy my existence in ordinary society! In this way, the task assigned to me at the top of Liverpool could not be completed, and the result of Slot Games can be imagined. Since Shangfeng Secret Cultivator can’t help me, I have to do it myself! If as expected, this kid must be nearby, so he can follow me when the time comes. If he finds any more helpers, your girl will be in trouble, why don’t you fight la liga quickly and lead him to my girl as soon as possible Go to base camp! After reading, Li Na immediately went downstairs with her bag and drove her Audi to Man City, where she lived in the southern suburb of Qingnan. It was already evening, and the traffic on the road was very crowded. Li Na’s speed was not fast, but what made her bet the game was unbelievable was that her consciousness had been released to the maximum extent, and she didn’t even notice the existence of Ling Feng’s Paripesa! That kid didn’t follow me with Parimatch, did he retreat in spite of the difficulties? Or am I missing something? Even if he possesses hidden magic weapon, this girl can’t perceive his breath, but she can always use it

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