Choice: Regarding these refugees, Marvin had expected it a long time ago, but he didn’t expect that the White River Valley would attract so many refugees when the catastrophe started. The population of more than a thousand increased out of thin air is also putting a lot of pressure on the White River Valley. Although the twelve golden bulls had a lot of food, when the number of people doubled, the consumption became faster. Not to mention that it is just the beginning of the catastrophe. Marvin believes that more and more people will enter the White River Valley in the days to come. So in this new era, it’s time to implement new rules. Marvin thought for a while, waved his pen and ink, and immediately issued a new order. Soon, every resident of the White River Valley received orders from Lord Marvin himself. In an extraordinary period, brand new rules were implemented in the White River Valley Refuge. All personnel, from now on, must complete the registration within two days. During the registration, a very important poker option is: farming/combat Slot Games. True, apart from these two options, Marvin did not offer them any other occupations. Because of other occupations, the White River Valley has already been fully recruited. Whether they are blacksmiths, winemakers, appraisers, etc., these craftsmen have already completed the filling of vacant positions in the previous recruitment orders. And in this special period, these occupations have become less important. If a shelter wants to operate for a long time, Endorphina must have a steady stream of food and the power to protect Nairabet, the shelter. The former needless to say much. The rations of so many Premier League refugees are enough for Marvin to have a headache; for the latter, if there is no human protection, the great holy spell

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