“What? Not confident?” Ling Feng asked with a warm smile. “No, as soon as I saw the mirror parimatch facing me, I was nervous and my heart was pounding. If I just let me give a training class on the stage, it would be okay. When I said that I would go on TV and let so many people watch it, I just think about it. They are all trembling.” “Hehe, then I won’t force you, let them contact a celebrity.” Three days later, the Qingnan Advertising Company did get in touch with a popular film and television singer in Hong Kong. Celebrity, it’s just that there is no time to come to the mainland right now, and Zhuren Pharmaceutical’s advertisement has been scheduled for a week later. Influenced by his previous life, Ling Feng had never been interested in the baccarat entertainment business, so he left these matters to sister Chu, and he went to Zhushi village, real madrid, to learn more about the current situation of the medicinal material base. Everything is normal, and the five-leaf and one-flower can finally be mass-produced. This is scorpion shit—the only one in the whole country, except for the five-leaf and one-flower Paripesa in Lingfeng’s medicinal material base, which is in the city of Beijing. The pot from Tao Xinger’s house. Therefore, the pricing of Fengshi Oral Liquid is quite high compared to its cost. This is the so-called monopoly effect of Nairabet! Each bottle is three milliliters, and there are ten bottles in a box. The cost is less than ten yuan, but the selling price of this box is fifteen thousand! One course of treatment per ten boxes, generally not very serious rheumatism, if you take it normally according to the instructions, it can be cured. It is calculated that 15,000 yuan will cure rheumatism, which is not bad for consumers. Endorphina is too expensive, the key is that it can really cure diseases, and it is a radical cure! What’s more, some patients can recover after taking half a course of treatment. Therefore, Fengshi Oral Liquid

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