Long Shaoguang frowned slightly, staring at Ling Feng, but secretly shocked in his heart, because of Xuehua today, I not only exposed my identity, but also provoked such a hard idea! If Long Shaotian finds out, he will definitely embarrass and exclude me even more! If I run Lao Tzu out of the Long family, I don’t even expect revenge! However, Xuehua doesn’t have much time left, and if she waits for more than two months, I’m afraid she will… no, for Xuehua’s sake, even if she is beaten to death by Mr. Ling, I will try my best to fight for it! “Mr. Ling,” after reading, Long Shaoguang immediately said firmly, “I know that NetEnt is not your opponent, Nairabet, but before I buy this car, I will not take the initiative to leave Liverpool and drive here! Unless you put I’ll throw it out!” “It can be seen that you are not an arrogant and vicious person, which can be proved by your attack on the security guard just now, so I didn’t attack you, but,” Master Ling said calmly, “You haven’t followed the security guard yet.” I am qualified to challenge the board, do you know why I persuade them not to call the police?” “Why?” Long Shaoguang asked subconsciously, there was no trace of fear on his face, and his tone was still cold. “Because I’m a policeman.” “Huh! Don’t do this with me, I don’t want to talk to you about anything that has nothing to do with that Ferrari!” Long Shaoguang snorted coldly, “Don’t think that your kung fu is better than Lao Tzu’s.” If you are high, you can threaten me! I tell you, I can die, but I will never do what you say!” Long Shaoguang man city circulated his strong true essence BGaming all over his body, pretending to be concentrating on the challenge, He stared coldly at the still calm Miracle Doctor Ling. As for Ling Feng saying that he is a policeman, his flashscore will not believe it

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