zybook, return to the homepage zybook Lingda Miracle Doctor saw Leap come out, so aimlessly searching for NetEnt, only let the opponent hide deeper, in a dark corner, laughing at the incompetence of the police! Moreover, based on Ling Feng’s understanding of life organizations, if it weren’t for the concentrated power of the police poker, if a small group of policemen encountered gangsters, they would definitely be killed by the other party. After all, those gangsters not only have extremely thorough information channels, but also have guns in their hands. There are even sniper rifles. Important/Important/ Immediately after Ling Feng changed his thinking, based on the successful operation model of life organizations in Asia, Ling Feng shifted his attention to Online Casinos to hotels and hotels, because these places need to buy money every day A lot of vegetables, grains, non-staple food, etc., and the ones that don’t show much, the Evolution game is most conducive to the illegal actions of gangsters. However, the Gabonese police worked day and night, but there was still no progress. All nightclubs, hotels and other places were rummaged all over, and no reason was found. Moreover, there are some nightclubs and hotels with relatively large suspicious Paripesa sites. Ling Feng and other three masters and servants personally investigated the bet game. Even if they have strong spiritual sense, they found nothing! Therefore, it is not an effective method to spend a lot of police force to find a needle in a haystack, and even Betking has not achieved its goal. Such a large-scale search and arrest operation did not cause the gangsters a little panic. It seems that they had expected the police to have such an action deployment. If he just stands still, you really have nothing to do with him. But time is running out, slowly waiting for the gangster to reveal some spiders

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