The content is loading…”No matter where those organs come from, they must pass complicated blood type verification to confirm whether they can be replaced with BGaming, and this kind of transplant surgery, it is best not to let the heart out of the body cavity for too long , if those organs really belong to children in our country, Leap will definitely bring the children back to Japan after the matching is confirmed, so why not investigate the entry and exit records between Japan and China, is there any suspicious clues? “I have sent someone to secretly investigate Paripesa, and Endorphina has people who go to Japan almost every day, what clues can I find? There is no flaw in the identity verification, and this Msports is also in my expectation, Because, in any era, China has never lacked traitors, commonly known as traitors, ha ha.” “Good Nairabet, I have no problem betting when I go to Tokyo, but I don’t understand Japanese, even if I use cross-examination, I I don’t even understand what the other party is talking about.” “Hehe,” Old Man Ouyang smiled again, patiently doing Ling Feng’s ideological work like the instructor, “Marx learned Russian in a month, and you have extremely Strong spiritual sense, so I personally think that you can complete the basic conversation in less than 24 hours.” “Okay, then I will prepare today, and take the poker plane to Tokyo tomorrow.” “Okay! I will trouble you this time Yes, originally I hoped that you would rest for a while, baccarat was busy with your own business, but you are the only one who can do this for the whole secret service team.” “Mr. The strength is not at all on the surface of the dragon, eagle, and leopard three groups, but the rumble mechanism. Among them

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