Yongjie has to say that killing the three people and then leaving China with the help of a foreign business delegation is indeed a vicious and clever strategy, because even the secret service team has no right to inspect the goods of Rumble’s family, because of this distrust It shows the extreme unfriendliness, but the investigation team has been discussing the cooperation project with sincerity in Spinmatic, without any changes, and the special service team has no right to interfere. This also includes a point, the goods of others are all purchased from your large group company in Huaxia, and the goods that are similar to commemorative significance and cooperation intentions, can you check them? Even if there is no doubt at all! poison? Does your large Premier League group company in China produce drugs? smuggling? Not to mention on the online casino. .This kind of business investigation group that enters the country by special plane in the name of the official is very respected by affiliates, and no one has the right to inspect them with great fanfare. What’s more, during the inspection tour, there must be officials from the province to send you off, and it is impossible for them to let you check the bags of international friends? The strategy of Nanwu Shengjiao is indeed impeccable, even if you doubt it, there is nothing you can do! Not even the Secret Service! Or else Mr. Ouyang has been very depressed all the time! But I don’t know if Mozzartbet is at this moment, if Ling Feng and Yingying are under the control of the opponent, how will he feel? Ling Feng, that was the young man he was extremely optimistic about, but he didn’t even show off his moves, and Roulette, with such a mediocre flashscore, was dealt with by his opponent. It was really uncomfortable! However, when Ouyang Tian summoned the three major LiveScore leaders of Dragon, Eagle, and Leopard, he made some strategic arrangements for them and emphasized Ling Feng’s absolute authority in this operation.

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