After Yingying left the office, Zhao Gang, the head teacher, sneered faintly, and thought to himself that this kid is quite pretentious, with long hair, and he drives an Audi A8. And get the opportunity to come to a key high school for an internship, right? I don’t know how to cherish it, and I took a week off after just one day of work. It seems that I am usually a foolish, unlearned and incompetent bastard. This is not surprising, most of the graduates from the Physical Education Institute are such simple-minded and well-developed virtues! When I was in high school, the culture class was really bad, so I had no way out to practice sports! How many grades do those people have in the Premier League? Just as Zhao Gang was thinking about it, he sent a text message to Principal Zhang and truthfully informed the Principal of Ling Feng’s situation. At that time, Principal Zhang was very happy-hehe, there are too many young NetEnt people who have no real talents but still love vanity and refuse to keep their feet on the ground! When the internship is over, leave as soon as possible. Spinmatic looks at his long hair, and I will be angry. Doesn’t he even know the most basic way of being a teacher? Casino Slot? What qualities! Before learning about Ling Feng’s “real” real madrid situation, Principal Zhang didn’t think about it that way. Didn’t Zhao Bet9ja just finish sending text messages? Doctor Ling also came in, but Zhao Gang and his colleagues knew that he was Ling Feng, but Doctor Ling didn’t know anyone in this office. Although through understanding, Ling Feng had a bad impression of these teachers, but he still said politely: “Hi everyone, who is Fang Yingying’s class teacher?” Zhao Gang immediately showed a playful smile, and then was very polite Standing up, said: “I am, you are the new Mr. Nairabet Ling, right? Excuse me.

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