Ling Feng suppressed the overwhelming anger in his heart, and had already rushed back. At this moment, Ding Ling had already carried sister Chu, whose life or death was uncertain, into the car. To the sea and sky. Unexpectedly, Ling Feng came back after tracking down the murderer. “Sister Ling, you go to the co-pilot, I’ll drive!” After seeing this, Ling Fengfeng opened the door of the driver’s seat directly, and pulled Ding Ling out with Betting! Ever since he came to this world, Ling Feng had never been so nervous since baccarat. His face was gloomy and terrifying, but it was also filled with indescribable anxiety and concern! Ling Feng’s mood is very unstable, but bet game Ling Feng is not flustered to the extent of Liushen Wuzhu betting, Chu Yanran’s life and death are uncertain, and Ding Ling is her best friend, so he must not be able to drive a car when he is flustered, and In a hurry to rescue sister Chu, she must speed up the car as much as possible. If there is any accident at that time, it will make things worse! The reason why Ling Feng had to rush to the hospital was because sister Chu had to rely on the power of the hospital to recover faster and better! Because sister Chu’s blood type needs to be tested, as well as blood transfusions and some medicines to restore bones, which is not what Ling Feng can do now. At present, Ling Feng can only use the Tiangang hemostatic talisman to stabilize the current state, so as not to let sister Chu lose blood, and not let her injury worsen in the slightest. However, in order to enhance Sister Chu’s vitality, before starting the car, Ling Feng crushed two keel silver flowers, stuffed them into Sister Chu’s small mouth, and asked senior sister Luo Xueer to help her swallow them passively . Then the black Audi let out a violent roar. Get away! Unprecedented speed!

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