12 The words of Qi Xiaolong surprised Ma Wen. He couldn’t help asking: “Where is this place? What do you mean by man city?” Pokerchelsa Xiaolong gave him a blank look, and looked at Marvin with a strange look: “Aren’t you talking nonsense? This is the depths of the astral world.” Marvin was silent. Of course he knew that this place was deep in the star realm. Mingfeng exiled himself here with the astral seal. Before, there was still a faint connection between me and Mingfeng. When Ma Wen was in the Pragmatic Play floating in the endless star world, as long as Mingfeng had a thought, he would be dragged back to Feinan. It’s just that Ma Wen didn’t know what Feinan became at that time. He has tried his best, and next, he can only pray that the third set of plans he planned will work. Marvin always likes to stay behind when doing things. “I don’t know if Inheim has found people from the Seventh Order of the Old Alliance. If they can come, it is still possible to kill Mingfeng…” When he was thinking this way, he suddenly realized that since the bet game After he entered this orange-yellow light group, the connection with Mingfeng on his body, the Premier League was cut off! Xiaolong’s words made him start to look carefully at this magical land. But there was nothing but a light yellow light here. “This is a cage.” Xiaolong shrugged helplessly flashscore: “Don’t look at it, there is nothing here. My father has locked me here for many years.” “I made some mistakes when I was young. So You understand.” “If you are hungry, I have a lot of food here.” Before he finished speaking, a large pile of coconuts appeared in front of Xiaolong. he

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