sodu,,return to the homepage txt Song Yaobang was so angry that he was dizzy and his head was swollen. Before he could continue to attack, Ling Da’s genius doctor set off a wave of cold wind and stopped accompanying him. He slowly stood up and took a few deep breaths. He planned to put this matter aside for the time being and make other calculations. After returning to the Song family villa, Song Yaobang was not sleepy and lit a cigarette again. It was exactly as Ling Feng said, and he began to reflect on himself. He felt that what Ling Feng said was really reasonable, even if he found out that Ling Feng belonged to him. His grandson, Endorphina, but Ling Feng is still the ignorant waste he used to be, will he rumble himself and beg him to return to the family? He won’t, so all the results today are his own fault. Kicked out of the family, this kid has been hiding his secrets for a long time and made a foolish appearance to confuse everyone. In fact, he is a rare talent in my Song family. Now everything is irreparable. Such a powerful role is not with the man city Song family. It is the Song family’s luck to turn against each other] Today, the bad breath can’t come out Song Yaobang let out a puff of smoke fiercely, thinking so in his heart that this kid can make such a big change Terrible existence Song Yaobang realized that he was wrong. It was only now that he Parimatch realized that he was really incapable of controlling Ling Feng, this smelly and hard bastard. Slowly closed my eyes, I said, Mr. Wei took a shower just now to wake me up, you asked the network administrator to take down the post, I don’t want to sell any patents, when I run a pharmaceutical company, poker is no better than earning one-time money Is it a good deal? Doctor Ling suddenly became enlightened. He applied for the patent at the beginning to repay the high debts of Slot Games. Now he has already demolished the debts.

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