It’s not that Yang Guangchang doesn’t give face to the mayor. One is that it’s the first time he’s seen this kind of scene, and the other is that Ling Feng is a Chinese doctor. Since Ling Feng dared to do this, it proves that the deputy mayor was not raped by Ling Feng at all. Put it in your eyes! Fei Wenhai only thought that Ling Feng was an ordinary villager, but both Yang Guangchang and the chief of the Public Security Bureau knew about it! Moreover, although Fei Wenhai is the mayor, he really doesn’t have the power to directly mobilize the local police force. If the police really do something to Ling Feng, he may be the one who can’t eat and walk around. nilongdao/download “Yang Guangchang! You heard what I said…” Before Fei Wenhai could finish speaking, Ling Feng rumble stopped grabbing him by the neck, but grabbed him by the neck: “Give it all Get away, old Nairabet, otherwise his neck will break if I use a little force.” Ling Feng’s bet game words and deeds immediately shocked everyone la liga, this… is completely hijacking! Hold Mayor Betting hostage! “Mr. Ling Feng, please calm down.” Yang Guangchang was also very upset with Fei Wenhai. The establishment of this rubber factory did have a very bad impact, but some villagers who knew the details thought it was the county government. What about Leap’s behavior, so that big shit pot Msports was all pinned on his head, Yang, which once made County Magistrate Yang feel depressed. Zhao’er, seeing Ling Feng scolding Paripesa Fei Wenhai now, he is quite happy, but it’s just that people in the roulette officialdom have to handle things in a smooth manner, so he smoothed things over, of course, it’s all fake Show it to Fei Wenhai, “If you have something to discuss, you can discuss it slowly. Mayor Fei rushes here every day, isn’t it just for

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