If you like “” Betting, you can or share it with more book friends through the button below. After the call from the driver Xiaoxue came, don’t mention how excited Young Master Wu was! The hard work of the past few days has finally paid off. All of this was arranged by him. After his father Wu Tieshan delegated the power to him, this is his first performance. Of course, he hopes to see immediate results! What he didn’t know was that it was Ling Feng who really received immediate results. “Dad, we can definitely find out where Song Lingfeng is by using zombie methods!” Young Master Wu was so excited that he almost exploded all the bandages on his body, “But he knows the invisibility technique , I suggest that the other two mysterious-level guest officials Rumble also be sent out, we can’t make any mistakes, otherwise, with Song Lingfeng’s cunning, it will be difficult to get rid of him.” “Well, I agree, but we still have to Contact the zombie first to ask about the situation.” “Okay, I’ll call Endorphina right away!” For so many days, especially since the time when BetWinner was hung naked on the railing on the fourth floor, it was rare for Young Master Wu Such a happy time! Casino Slot wow ka ka ka! Song Lingfeng, you trash, the old Spinmatic can finally have fun with you! Xiaoxue is not eligible to enter the secret premier league villa Msports, so after delivering the information, it is considered to have completed the task. If you want to know the progress of the incident, you must contact the zombie himself, but after Young Master Wu dialed the zombie’s mobile phone , but what you hear is the prompt tone that the user you dialed has turned off the phone. He glanced at Wu Tieshan with some doubts, and said, “Dad, he’s turned off the phone, and it’s not allowed to turn off the phone when performing tasks. This

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