Ling Feng didn’t set up a spirit-gathering formation this time, he was worried that after taking Leap, his meridians might not be able to bear the dual effect of the internal spiritual power and the external spiritual power. Since he himself didn’t know how much external force would be needed to break through the critical point at his current level, so just to be sure, Ling Feng swallowed four silver flowers all at once! The name of Qingming Jue sounds very common. In fact, the full name of its baccarat is Yangtian Taiji Qingming, referred to as Qingming Jue. The only thing taught to him by his master Luo Yixian is the first volume, because the second volume has long been lost, so there are no practitioners who have achieved the Dao in this method. If there is a practice method in the second volume, the Yixian Valley will not be wiped out so easily by the Poison Dragon Sect. He didn’t poker before, and Ling Feng didn’t think about Msports so much. He just wanted to improve his level as soon as possible, return to the world of comprehension to find the whereabouts of his senior sister Luo Xueer, and vowed to avenge his previous life. Everything else was irrelevant to him. Not that important. However, just this half volume is enough for the premier league to prove the mysterious flashscore and power of Yangtian Taiji Qingming! In addition to absorbing the spiritual power of heaven and earth, this cultivation method has another unique feature, that is, absorbing the light of the sun to bless the House of Gods. That is to say, apart from absorbing the spiritual power of heaven and earth like other exercises, Qingming Jue also absorbs the power of the real fire of the sun to temper the soul and body. The soul belongs to yin, and the sun belongs to yang. It is to use this method of mutual restraint to let the soul fight against it, so as to gradually increase the power of the soul. However, the Qingming Jue does not talk about the out-of-body, but about the soul and body.

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