Search novels: Download: After Secretary Sun learned about his son’s incident, he immediately put down the work at hand and planned to take the leaders of the municipal party committee to the hospital to visit Roulette Wu Tieshan. For such a heavyweight person, the more timely the municipal committee’s care, the better. If you wait for more than half a month after he is discharged from the hospital, then it is obviously not paying enough attention to him, that is, not respecting him enough! Since the name of the municipal party committee secretary and mayor is Sun Shangli, of course etiquette is indispensable. Therefore, it can be said that the leaders arrived at the hospital as soon as Wu Tieshan fell ill. This is already a great face for Wu Tieshan However, Wu Tieshan did not perform well. The leader came to visit him with flowers and a fruit basket, but he was rolling all over the floor in the ward! Ahh screaming! The two doctors stood there frowning, helpless, and the two nurses were even more frightened by this shocking scene! In a place like a hospital, it can be said that there have been bloody and tragic injuries, but what is certain is that this is the first case of Wu Tieshan’s poisonous symptoms! “Doctor Fan, if you can’t do it, just give Wu Dong an injection of pain-relieving and itching-relieving medicine. If this goes on like this, it won’t work!” “No, we don’t know the nature of the toxin in Wu Dong’s body at all. Reaction between sports betting, it is likely to make the champions league more toxic! No matter how painful Wu Leap is, we can’t use drugs indiscriminately!” “But this… hey!” The two doctors talked nervously, Wu Tieshan But La Liga’s performance became even crazier! Everyone who watched this scene was shocked! Especially Endorphina is a well-known Comrade Yang Ming, who has seen Ling Feng’s medical skills.

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