Search novels: Ling Feng understands that Chu Yanran has never been someone who makes groundless claims, she is very reserved and introverted, even if she makes a judgment, she will not say it easily unless she is absolutely sure. Seeing her asking this question straight to the point, Ling Feng knew that she must have learned something about Pragmatic play, so he asked her how she knew about Pragmatic Play very puzzled, but he saw that Sister Chu gave Ling a playful but charming look. Feng, then smiled and said: “I knew it was you, hehe, you are really bad! chelsa” “Could it be possible to attack my computer, and then PS our garbage will not be broken? By the way, you haven’t answered my question yet.” What about the problem.” “Because I know it’s not Shang Caiyue who attacked your computer,” sister Chu tilted her head slightly, explaining with a cute and smug smile, “I went to the classroom in the morning to get a book and came back. , when I arrived at the door of the dormitory, I overheard her calling Du Chao, saying that she would not provoke Song Lingfeng anymore, but Song Lingfeng also falsely accused her of asking hackers to attack his computer… At that time, I stood at the door and listened for a while, It really didn’t feel like she did it, and I wanted to call you to tell you, but Shang Caiyue was inside, so I held back.” “This doesn’t prove that I put him there.” “It can prove Spinmatic understands, because I saw it when I was in Zhushi Village, you have the ability to make people tell the truth, “Evolution game” Sister Chu said with authenticity, “So you can’t trust Chen Liang’s words, and I learned that the main messenger is not After Shang Caiyue, I heard that the head of the sports betting class was stripped naked and hung up in the science and technology building, and I immediately suspected you, because I think you are the only one in Haitian University who has this ability. “”

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