In the sea area of ​​the wrecked Surebet247 island, the terrifying dragon’s head looks down on all living beings, and the shocking power suppresses the legends so that they can’t breathe! This is the true strength of Titus. He does not know how many times stronger than Di Gaogeng. Although it was only a head, and it could only exist for no more than eight minutes, it still brought terrifying pressure to the legends present. They were originally the most powerful group of people in the mortal world, but they seemed so insignificant in front of the real powerhouses in this universe. The anger of the sky immediately inspired the transformation of the bronze dragon, but the originally huge body of the bronze dragon appeared a little petite in front of the huge head of the evil dragon. The black dragon Yizhaka also wagged his tail uneasily. Although they are all from the Dragon Clan, this one in front of him is the ancestor of the Dragon Clan. Although he was seduced by the power of the sea of ​​evil spirits and fell, his knowledge and strength are far from what the Feinan Dragon Clan can resist. “Small mortal…” Titus said disdainfully: “Last time I was messed up by a stupid real madrid melon, this time, I will definitely kill you with my own hands!” His eyes fixed on betting on Marvin Betting , murderous. Marvin naturally knew that what happened to him in the ruins of Saruha, if the idiot of the pale hand hadn’t helped him, he would probably have been calculated by Titus. But at this moment, what he Parimatch is more worried about is Mingfeng’s plan for Nairabet! This woman is probably going to get serious. Summoning out Liverpool Domus is nothing more than delaying their progress and stopping them. “She must be doing something very important right now.” “Otherwise, she won’t let go of such a good opportunity to kill me.” Marvin’s thoughts turned sharply, and he suddenly looked at his teammates around him. the rest

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