Wu Changyou’s sullen expression let Ling Feng know that he definitely doesn’t believe that he is a Chinese doctor. In fact, if Ling Feng wants to deal with the Betway matter, he doesn’t necessarily have to contact Yang Ming. He thinks that he only needs to call Wei Yunsheng to solve the problem. As Endorphina is the president of the Huaxia Medical Association, if Wei Yunsheng wants to do this Something, should be easy. However, Ling Feng also had concerns. After all, he just begged Wei Yunsheng once, and he begged for the second time if he hadn’t reciprocated. There may be too many gatherings, which is not the result Ling Feng wants. But after thinking about it, it is also a great joy in life to be able to rectify this dog secretary who is corrupt, accepts bribes, and scrapes the ground! Grandma! If it doesn’t work, I can only use chelsa’s special medical certificate to take advantage of the loophole. At this time, many people had already gathered in the street, and they all knew that Ling Feng and Ding Ling had beaten up the secretary and the police. There were inevitably discussions about poker, some to relieve their hatred, and some to worry about Ling Feng and Ding Ling. But ordinary people are like this. When they see people in police uniforms, they feel timid for no reason, so their voices are very small. Those from the police station had already got up and came to Wu Changyou’s side dejectedly. The deputy director said first: “Secretary Wu, look…” “I’ll call the Public Security Bureau myself, and I want to see if it is His fists and kicks are great, and his pistol is great!” Wu Changyou took out his mobile phone and dialed the police number of the county man city bureau. After explaining the situation, the Liverpool County Bureau immediately took action and dispatched the Betting criminal police detachment closest to Zhushi Village

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