It’s no wonder that the students don’t want to see Ling Feng, because Master Feng is usually very arrogant and domineering. Most people in the class don’t want to associate with him. Not only can he eat and drink, but in the future he will have a good NetEnt relationship with Master Feng, and finding a job will be a trivial matter. It is very simple for the Song family’s group company to install a few college students into it. But as soon as they heard that Master Feng was kicked out of the Song family and became a cripple with nothing, those few people lost interest in him, and before the summer vacation, they shifted their camp to Wu Pengyu and Wu Shao. This gave Wu Pengyu a sense of accomplishment. No matter how awesome you are, Master Feng, you were kicked out by the Song family? And he was beaten into a cripple, hum, I am the real young master of the Wu family, the future heir of the Wu Group! Therefore, on the way Ling Feng walked to the dormitory, everyone who knew him ignored him and looked at him strangely. Either despise, or sympathize, or ridicule, or relieve hatred… Ling Feng doesn’t care about BGaming, which makes 22Bet clean. Originally, he didn’t want to have anything to do with anyone, and those people were all targeting the former Master Feng, but It wasn’t Ling Feng. Of course, once anyone offends Ling Feng, he will definitely be spanked. The library is not open during the winter and summer vacations. It will not open until the teachers on duty tomorrow officially go to work. Ling Feng can only go back to the dormitory real madrid to clean up. Ling Feng’s dormitory is the only one he lives in. There are toilets, bathrooms, air-conditioning and other facilities in the dormitory, which is similar to a hotel suite. This kind of treatment is not available to every college student. Of course, you have to

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