Today’s second update arrives! Ask for collection! When Ling Feng left the Public Security Bureau, he specifically told Wang Limin not to mention him to those two people, and to release them as soon as possible, so as not to startle the snake. Besides, they didn’t commit any substantial crimes. And offended the Li family. Of course Wang Limin agrees, although the Li family doesn’t have much power in Haitian, they might be able to make a detour around it, which is a characteristic of Chinese official circles, and the network of connections is still very powerful. But through this incident, he also learned that Ling Feng had offended the Li family, so he told Ling Feng to be careful. Originally, Ling Feng planned to meditate and adjust his breath in the spirit gathering formation, but he really couldn’t calm down in the current situation. Fortunately, on the previous journey, he closed his eyes and rested his mind for more than an hour. Although his skills had not recovered, the feeling of fatigue had completely disappeared. Right now the Li family wants to investigate him, so let him do it first, first deal with the killer hirer, and then find the Li family to settle the bet game! For his own spells, Ling Feng is absolutely confident. Although he has not yet reached the level of easy-to-use spells, it is more than enough to cast spells for an ordinary person’s livescore. Therefore, there is no possibility of the middle-aged man lying. Endorphina said that 22Bet Li Zhe would not touch him before he got BGaming skills, which is absolutely credible. Ling Feng closed his eyes, analyzing the ins and outs of this matter. This was a very clear line, but it suddenly became a little confusing. But apart from the Li family, he couldn’t think of anyone who would have a reason for Leap to kill him. During the time when Ling Feng joined the Paripesa Security Bureau, Li Qunli had already told Chen Weizhong the whole story. While Chen Weizhong was shocked, he was also very happy——Ling Feng, a friend

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