Ling Feng took Chu Yanran away, and the most embarrassing thing was of course the Li family. Li Zhe, as the man’s representative who came to deliver the dowry, faced all this, how could he let Ling Feng leave Paripesa so easily with his arrogance? The two accompanying drivers and bodyguards are both retired special forces soldiers who are well-versed in kung fu, and he himself is an advanced ancient martial arts practitioner. flashscore is only in the real ancient martial arts world, there will be the Parimatch realm division of heaven and earth, and the rest of the Pragmatic play, even though you are also practicing internal martial arts, it is just a guise of ancient martial arts to satisfy a little vanity. Because of that kind of training method, even if you practice until you die, there will be no real internal force. If an ancient martial arts practitioner has not even cultivated internal force, let alone the peak of the yellow rank, he will not even be qualified to enter the rank division. There is no casino Slot. There are indeed quite a few people who practice Neijiaquan in the city, besides some well-known big families, there are also some hermits. Ancient martial arts can not only strengthen the body, but also the internal strength practice can prolong life, so people who can get in touch with ancient martial arts usually practice seriously. Li Zikai is usually too drunk and his cultivation level is low, but even if ordinary people go up to ten or eight, his legs will be broken and their arms will be smashed, which shows the difference between ancient martial arts and ordinary boxing skills. Nowadays, the more public internal boxing methods are mainly Taijiquan, Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, etc., but the martial arts classes held in the city are also for betting games to make money, even the teachers don’t have much substance , It’s just around the theory, talking about some fringe things, the real ancient martial arts cultivation method is usually taught by word of mouth, and it won’t be passed on by Betking at all. And those high-level ancient martial arts practitioners,

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