The business house is very spacious and professionally decorated. The ordinary jade ornaments look dazzling in the glass counter with fluorescent Slot Games lights. It’s just that there are not many people in the huge business hall, except for the four salesmen, it’s him and He Yongning. On the contrary, the noisy Liverpool in the Slot Games was very lively. It must be a place for gambling stones. Ling Feng took He Yongning directly there. Ling Feng was not interested in ordinary jade at all, only jade that was useful for cultivation could attract his attention, especially the spirit-gathering stone, which is rare in the cultivation world. In the world of comprehension, almost all jade stones contain spiritual power, so they are collectively referred to as spiritual stones. The more abundant the spiritual power, the higher the value of the spiritual stones. However, Ling Feng still doesn’t quite understand the way jade prices are defined here. “Hello, sir, what would you like?” The salesman greeted Ling Feng politely without any slight slight slighted by Ling Feng’s plain attire. “I’m going to gamble on stone roulette. By the way, what is the way you gamble on stone here?” Ling Feng asked baccarat straightforwardly. “Sir, our place is the same as the original stone square in the capital. There are two ways of half betting and full betting.” “Half betting and full betting? How do you say it?” The salesman smiled slightly. Hearing Ling Feng’s question, he knew Ling Feng Feng must be a layman, but he still patiently explained to Surebet247: “Half bet is to cut the wool or polish a little bit of stone skin from the edge, which is called opening the window and polishing the Paripesa stone. You can see the emerald green in the original stone, as long as you see green, it proves that there is emerald in it, so this half-gamble method is usually very expensive;

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