During the time of cooking, Ding Ling insisted on pestering Chu Yanran to satisfy her curiosity at the risk of the scrambled tomatoes and eggs being fried. Ding Ling was taken aback by hearing about Ling Feng’s experience, and almost knocked over the oil bottle. By the time the dinner was served, Ling Feng had already made more than a dozen bamboo baskets. Amid the old man’s compliments, Ling Feng real madrid sat at the dining table and started to eat, but he didn’t say a word, but was thinking about Nairabet’s cultivation there at night. For Ling Feng, cultivation is the most important thing. After dinner, Ding Ling and Chu Yanran cleaned up the dishes, and the sisters went to chat in the wing room, while the old man of the affiliate lit a big cigarette, and before he could sit on the threshold, Uncle Li next door came to call the old man, saying yes Let’s discuss about Erhu’s wedding and banquet. So the old man greeted Ling Feng, told his granddaughter to take good care of NetEnt’s guests, and went betting with Uncle Li. Ling Feng went to the window of the wing room, lightly knocked on the glass a few times with Paripesa, and asked, “Where do I live tonight?” The two sisters were chatting with each other when they suddenly heard Ling Feng’s voice , the two sisters were startled at the same time, then turned their heads and looked over. “You should call me Sister Ling when you talk to me, casino Slot knows-doesn’t it?” Ding Ling knocked on the glass back and said to Ling Feng word by word. Ling Feng nodded silently and didn’t argue with Ding Ling any more. “Hee hee, that’s right!” Ding Ling immediately felt the Spinmatic joy after conquering. She took out a quilt from the quilt stack, grabbed a pillow, jumped off the bed, and walked out of the wing room. “You are in the West

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