Chu Yanran is recognized as the No. 1 Slot Games beauty of Huaqing University, but her cold and slightly melancholy appearance, as well as her strong family background, deter most men. Therefore, Chu Yanran has never been in love, let alone touched a boy’s clothes. But today, her slender, white, soft and slippery little hands took the initiative to hold Ling Feng’s palm. Of course, Parimatch’s idea is very simple, in order to prevent Ling Feng, a lunatic, from running around, and since she promised him, she will get things done. The reason why she didn’t reject Mozzartbet at that time was because she really couldn’t bear to let this man who had been engaged to her live a miserable life like this. At this moment, it seemed that what she was holding hands was not the notorious Feng Shao, but a miserable and pitiful Slot Games peer who knew her. However, Chu Yanran’s actions reminded Ling Feng of his senior sister Luo Xueer. Once Ling Feng quarreled with us to go to Nanshan to look for monkey wine. The senior sister just took his little hand and took him to Nanshan with a smile. The scene at that time was unforgettable to Ling Feng. “There’s a medical and fitness equipment city over there.” Seeing that Chu Yanran was still holding on to him and refusing to let go, Ling Feng pointed to the billboard not far away and said, “I’m going to check out Spinmatic.” Medical and fitness equipment city? Chu Yanran was taken aback, with a trace of surprise in her clear beautiful eyes, she really couldn’t figure out what this lunatic was going to do, but she still didn’t dare to let go. It’s time to get off work, and the streets are full of traffic, Chu Yanran is really worried about letting a mental patient wander around. So she frowned slightly, and said helplessly: “Okay, I’ll take you there.”

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