The world-defying furnace is constantly running, emitting a dazzling light, introducing the evil and dark forces swallowed by Mozzartbet into it. The evil and dark forces have been refined by the God’s Furnace to become more pure and contain huge potential. Chen Xiang and younger sister Xiaojing focused on controlling the Divine Mirror of the Six Paths, constantly guiding the power of the ancient Xinghui wood to maintain the rhythm of devouring, ensuring that every portion of evil and dark energy was fully refined. When all the evil and dark forces are devoured and Betting refined, the black vortex gradually shrinks and finally disappears. The Divine Mirror of Six Paths has restored Betking to its original state, and there are strands of pure power stored inside the Aoshi Divine Stove. They represent those essences that have been corroded by evil forces, and now they have glowed with a brand new radiance. “Xinghui Ancient Tree releases power in its own territory, and after it is activated, it can be so powerful.” Nairabet Chen Xiang now also understands that Xinghui Ancient Tree did not have the method to deal with evil dark forces before, so there is no way to deal with the powerful power. display. Chen Xiang is equivalent to the existence of “supernatural powers and spells”, he can guide the power of the ancient starry wood to counteract all kinds of evil and dark forces that invaded. This is also the reason why Qingxing and the God of Creation BetWinner led him here. If he didn’t show up, then it is very likely that his daughter Shen Suqing will complete this matter, and it will definitely not be as good as him. , and may even fail. “If the three 22Bet sacred trees are under my control, then I should be the overlord of Tianshi Ancient Desolation! At that time, Tianshi Ancient Desolation will be my territory, and I can maintain my control over Tianshi Ancient Desolation through the three sacred trees ” Chen Xiang felt more and more the importance of the three sacred trees in the casino slot, so he must control them as soon as possible.

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