When Chen Xiang and Lan Xi were on guard and rushed to Surebet247 Road, bursts of black evil spirits suddenly emerged from the chaos of the battlefield, twisting and floating in the air like ghosts. The evil spirit floating in the air actually began to re-condense into a demon! I saw the thick black air in the air turbulently turbulent for a while, and after a while, heart demons covered in pitch black descended from the thick black clouds. The dense crowd of demons fell to the ground in an instant, their eyes gleamed with indifference and cruelty, as if they were controlled by some invisible force. “Be careful!” Lan Xi suddenly shouted, and at the same time, his figure flashed, and he came behind Chen Xiang, and swung his sword, slashing at the red shadow who was attacking suddenly. The demons all looked black, but suddenly a red shadow flashed over, with a livescore and a very strong aura, obviously the strongest one among the demons! After the red shadow was opened by the Evolution game Lanxi, the flashscore suddenly disappeared, and then three groups of red shadows flew over from three directions. Lan Xi’s expression was serious, she immediately regretted letting Chen Xiang come over for the Premier League! Because the three red shadows she faced were all very powerful, it was very difficult for her to deal with them. If it takes a long time, she will lose the battle, and now BetWinner Chen Xiang is alone, facing tens of thousands of vicious demons! Lan Xi originally wanted to pull Chen Xiang to escape, but those three groups of red shadows were too strong, they rushed over directly, making Lan Xi have to use the powerful Divine Power of Absolute Beginning to attack! I saw the divine power of primordial origin released by Lanxi, like three beautiful blue streams, with blue electric lights jumping up, binding the three groups of red shadows, and then dragging them to a distance, keeping them as far away as possible from sinking fly. “Blue Creek Palace

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