The shadow in the text appeared so abruptly that everyone present, no matter how superb their perception was, did not predict his appearance in advance. But his appearance immediately attracted everyone’s attention! After all, the sudden appearance of a fast-moving figure on the vast ice surface illuminated by the lighthouse light is still very conspicuous. “Brother Msports!” Pooh immediately called out Marvin’s name, tears welling up in his eyes! These days, he has heard too many rumors about Ma Wen, and now he is relieved to see Ma Wen in person. Everyone on the city wall of Jiangang showed mixed expressions of surprise. They are too familiar with Marvin, this figure from the back is definitely Marvin. It seems that every time the territory is in the most critical moment, he will appear in time. And once he appears, it often means that the crisis will be subsided. Everyone in roulette thinks so in their hearts! “What did he think about betting in the past by himself!” Only Daniela showed a hint of worry. Unlike the others, she did not have that almost superstitious trust in Marvin. After all, that is the sea monster Logan Arthur, which has been entrenched in the Emerald Sea for thousands of years! Anna Betking held her breath tightly, staring at the figure running wildly on the sea. This guy is really worrying. However, finally came back. Livescore is back, everything will be fine, right? She knew that Marvin Forebet would never do anything unsure. Since he went to NetEnt to attack the sea monster as soon as he came back, he must be sure of defeating it. The White Elephant Chamber of Commerce and the pirate ship saw Marvin’s appearance. There was also a commotion. Now they, except Pirate King Pietrus, no one knows

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