“Sister Chu Lan, when the patrol officer comes over, you can bring it to me!” Shen Slot Games said, “I’ll just take out the Astral Soul Stone when the time comes, can I just take it?” The problem of slowness has finally been solved on the app that can change the source. Download the huanyuanapp.oreal madridrg source change app here, and view this book on multiple sites at the same time. Chen Xiang was a little excited in his heart, because this star soul stone was very likely to bring him a very high status in Surebet247. He guessed that the Creator God Lord used to be a high-ranking person here, otherwise this astral stone would not have hidden a large number of ancient Jupiter cores. “I… I don’t know how the inspector will react, but this matter must be reported to the four palace masters Slot Games, and the forebet may alarm the palace master.” Chu Lan Now I have some doubts about life, who is the person in front of me? She only knew that Chen Xiang was Shen Suqing’s father, and Shen Suqing’s identity was relatively mysterious, she never knew who her parents, Liverpool, were. Chen Xiang intends to try to see if the star soul stone in his hand can calm down the inspector. “When will that inspector come?” Chen Xiang felt much more at ease now, at least he wouldn’t be arrested, and he didn’t have to hide. “I’m going to the city lord’s mansion right now. If the inspector comes, I’ll bring it to you right away.” Chu Lan said and left in a hurry, because in this room, looking at the star soul stone, she became more and more nervous. The more I felt an inexplicable coercion. Chen Xiang was lying on the bed in the room, playing with the Star Soul Stone. Younger sister Xiao Jing smiled and said: “Brother, maybe the Dao Creation God Lord asked you to inherit the position of the Hall Master?” Chen Xiang smiled and said: “If that’s the case, that would be great! This

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