Chen Xiang entered Tianshi Ancient Wasteland alone, he climbed to the top of a lion mountain, looked up at the starry sky at night, tried to contact Lingxu, but there was no response. He, Endorphina, continued to go deep into Tianshi Ancient Desolation. He climbed the mountain almost every night to contact Lingxu. At the same time, he rushed into the depths of Tianshi Ancient Desolation. He didn’t know how to go. Evolution game could only enter the most central area by feeling. As a 1xBet person himself, he hid very well and didn’t encounter any danger. He could also feel that the evil spirit in Tianshi Ancient Wasteland was getting stronger and stronger, but the strange thing was that there seemed to be some kind of power to dispel the evil spirit. As a result, the evil spirit cannot be completely gathered. Once the evil spirit gathers together, it will become more and more intense over time, and finally form a terrifying and dangerous place. More than ten days later, Chen Xiang contacted Lingxu on the top of a huge lion mountain. He was the same as before, just trying to contact, and he didn’t expect a response. But today, Livescore Lingxu suddenly responded to him! “Master, I finally got in touch with you!” The Lingxu side seemed to be very happy, and the voice that came was quite excited. Chen Xiang looked at the stars in the night sky, and said happily: “Lingxu, what’s going on? You keep contacting me? I call you every day, but there is no response. I thought you had an accident!” Lingxu Said: “There was indeed a little accident, which caused me to be able to contact you every once in a while… There was turmoil in the starry sky, I really didn’t expect it!” “What turmoil?” Chen Xiang immediately thought of the starry sky forces. “There is a very powerful force here in the starry sky, and they are attacking the premier league and astrology everywhere.” Lingxu said: “The star where I was before was attacked by them.”

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